The Importance of Marketing to Your Database

Three tips to help you effectively market yourself to your database.


Marketing to your database is key to your business success. So here are the three main tips I follow when marketing to my database:

1.Have a great CRM. You need to have a way to manage your database, which requires a CRM. You don’t want to be trying to manage multiple Excel spreadsheets to stay in touch with everyone. That means a CRM is one of the most crucial tools that you can purchase, and there are many different ones. If you’re researching them and can’t decide which is best for you, I can recommend a few. 

2.Reach out regularly. Once you have all those names in your database, you need to routinely touch base with them, which is why they’re called “touch campaigns.” You need to be consistently and thoughtfully reaching out to the people in your database. If you have a database full of people who have essentially raised their hand and said they want to buy or sell a house, that’s excellent, but make sure you’re answering those calls. However, if your database is full of people who don’t know you and you don’t know whether they’re interested in buying or selling, your job’s going to be more difficult.

Make sure to craft your messages and do touch campaigns in an impactful way. My background is in sales marketing, so I have plenty of experience in this, and trust me, it’s one of the most vital things you can do throughout your career. Your database is gold. If it’s full of both friends and strangers and you do an excellent job of marketing to them, you’ll reap the benefits. It’s a long-term obligation on your part, but it’ll have a huge impact on your business. In one to five years, the business will start flowing to you, instead of you having to go out and find it.


“Three tips to help you effectively market yourself to your database.”


3.Consider your platforms. Which platforms will you use to reach your audience? There are an array of ways to do it, and they all come at a low cost. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, emails, postcards, phone calls, and text messages are all appropriate ways to reach out to your database and ask for business. Our team has a very methodical and scheduled way to reach out to our database. We touch base with a unique message every month to ensure we stay top of mind. 

My success has been built on these three things, so today, unlike when I first started, most of my business comes from people I know. I no longer have to prospect cold leads. It was all done through marketing, which is why you should follow these tips to find success for yourself.


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