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Are you an agent doing fewer than 10 deals or less than $2 million in sales per year? Are you a new agent looking for an opportunity? Are you a person with a background in sales looking for a career change or perhaps wanting to become an independent contractor for a real estate team? If any of these apply to you, you may be exactly who we’re looking for.

Are you struggling right now? Do you lie awake at night worried about not being able to pay your bills or support your family? Do you feel overwhelmed that you’ve entered a whole new arena and took 75 hours of licensing classes, only to find out that you have no idea what you’re doing or how to get on track? Do you feel lost?



Here at Jeff Taylor Real Estate, we tailor the resources for each of our agents in the same way that we tailor the home buying or selling experience for our clients. It’s about cultivating an individualistic way of doing business. Our culture is about market knowledge, inclusivity, and the user experience. We provide you with support and guidance, not burdensome corporate policies or irrelevant or unrealistic expectations.

  • Celebrate and plan quarterly goals
  • Support each other
  • Create work-life balance (we’ve got your covered if you go on vacation)
  • Celebrate successes together

Our goal is to have you viewed by clients and prospects as a memorable expert on local real estate.

Helping Grow Your Business

It’s our job at JTREG to help our agents keep more of the money they earn. While some firms will focus more on back-charging you for minor expenses, we give you access to a lead-generation portal to access new clients. This portal also comes with a CRM interface for managing and keeping in touch with your database, which you keep instead of turning over to JTREG.

For convenience, we also have up-to-date technology to provide a paperless back office to house your transactions.

We’ll also provide you with:

  • A full-time contracts team to keep your deals on track
  • Collaboration with the team on changing trends and the market
  • Direct, ongoing, and proactive assistance to ensure your business is growing
  • Consistent new-client opportunities
  • An atmosphere of constant learning


If you like to learn as you earn (so you can earn even more), you’ll like nurturing your real estate career with JTREG. We provide our agents with all of the resources and training you need to find innovative solutions for your clients, including:

  • Weekly team meetings
  • Weekly 1:1 meetings
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring


We have an in-house marketing team to promote our agents and the company as a whole. At no cost to you, we put money behind your campaigns with every new listing and again at closing. Our goal: to promote your business!

Providing you with continuous custom content, our marketing team sends out content for shareable posts for your own social-media channels. Need some general training on social media or marketing yourself? We have staff to help you do that, too.

We keep up with the latest technology and marketing channels and strategies and are always evolving our business approach.



Dear current of future Real Estate Agent,
Are you an agent doing fewer than 10 deals or less than $2 million in sales per year? Are you a new agent looking for an opportunity? Are you a person with a background in sales looking for a career change or perhaps wanting to become an independent contractor for a real estate team? If any of these apply to you, you may be exactly who we’re looking for.

Are you struggling right now? Do you lie awake at night worried about not being able to pay your bills or support your family? Do you feel overwhelmed that you’ve entered a whole new arena and took 75 hours of licensing classes, only to find out that you have no idea what you’re doing or how to get on track? Do you feel lost?

Many agents think that when they first get into real estate there will be a large commission check waiting, but newly licensed agents don’t really know how to sell real estate, just how to stay out of trouble because that’s all the licensing classes teach you. You need knowledge, tools, resources, and lead flow to get your career off the ground. This is why plenty of agents don’t end up staying in real estate for very long—they weren’t told or given what they needed to succeed. If you do end up succeeding, it will be a slow crawl and take a long time before you’re making much money or doing many deals.

You might have tried getting more training or attending workshops to improve yourself, but those aren’t especially helpful without a team giving you coaching, feedback, and help. You could end up spending years bouncing from broker to broker because they promise you things they just can’t deliver. If you don’t find a solution soon, you’ll likely have to return to your old job or find a new one. You’ll be a little poorer because you haven’t been making money for a while, and you may feel like a failure.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go through these common real estate agent’s growing pains. My name is Jeff Taylor, and I began my career in a corporate environment. I decided I wanted to get into real estate but didn’t know anything about it. I left my six-figure job, took a leap of faith, dove into it, and did over $7 million in sales my first year.

I had to figure out a bunch of things very quickly, but I became successful at it. However, my business came in waves that kept me up at night feeling uneasy. Sometimes I had constant activity and other times I had almost nothing to do. I had to find a way to make a predictable income. Over time, I smoothed out my business to where I knew enough about what I was doing to calm those giant waves, and my income continued to grow.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned over time and turned it into a process and program for others to follow. My program works; I’ve proven it multiple times with the agents I’ve coached and mentored. If you’re willing to follow my program, you’ll have success and be at the closing table in just 90 days, even if you have no experience or are newly licensed. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the area and have no sphere of influence.

We provide quality, valuable leads from people raising their hands saying they want to buy or sell a home. There are an array of things you need to do to become successful, and we’ll talk through it, monitor your progress, and ensure you’re moving in the right direction. We begin with goal planning, then track how you’re doing throughout the year until you reach your goals. If you stick with our process and let us help you, you’ll achieve the results you want.

I’ll meet with you one on one every week for individual coaching. We will also meet as a group once a week to help each other with best practices and to ask questions. I’m available on a daily and nightly basis to our new agents to help them jump over hurdles so they can be more productive. We’ll help you stay in the field meeting clients, showing houses, and writing contracts.

We have an onboarding process that will get you started and continue guiding you. We’ll train you on our systems, what to say when making calls, and what not to say. I will not only feed you potential buyers and sellers but also take you step by step through the entire process to ensure you wind up at the closing table. I’ll ensure we maximize your efforts to capture and take advantage of all your opportunities until you’re functioning on your own and able to keep your business maturing.

The support that everyone gets when they join our team is unique. We offer our great CRM, training, team support, contract support, one-on-one coaching, marketing, and more. We make your life easy so you can focus on the important things about your job. You’ll focus on meeting clients, writing offers, and getting deals closed while the operations team handles all the paperwork and back-end requirements so you remain where you should be—in the field meeting with clients.

If you’re on our team, you can take a two-week vacation if you need it. You can’t do that as an independent agent because if your clients want to see or sell a house and you’re not around, they’ll go find someone else. If you’re unavailable, we’ll step in to represent you, specifically, not the team, so your clients are safe. That’s an incredibly unique feature of our team.

Our culture is a major factor of who we are. We make sure everyone’s working together well and supporting each other. I’m not just trying to hire warm bodies hoping they get successful, and I will make money. We operate as a team and celebrate as a team.

As an example, we decide as a team what our goal will be for the year. So once a quarter we celebrate those successes. Mid-year this year we hit our goal and even exceeded it. So, I took the team, support staff, and their family members up to a lake in Northern Georgia and rented a pontoon boat and a couple of jet skis. We bought some food and drink and sat on the lake for six or seven hours and had a blast. That’s the kind of thing that we enjoy doing together here.

Due to the great team structure we’ve built, we have a fairly intense vetting process. It’ll take a week or two before we officially decide to bring you on because we want to ensure we’re the right fit for you, and you’re the right fit for us. If you join us, you’ll be part of a very motivated, fun, supportive team of agents, and we’ll treat your success like we treat our own.

When you become a member of our team, you’ll be up and running and meeting with clients in a couple of weeks, writing offers within 60 days, and at the closing table in 90 days if you’re following the program. That means you’ll have income very quickly, and it will remain steady. If you’re looking to make a comfortable income so you can live a comfortable life, we’ll help you do that. Or if you want to shoot for the moon, we’ll help you shoot for the moon. It’s all about what you want and what your goals are.

However, you do have other options. You could join a broker as an independent agent, but that’s a very slow process. You’ll perhaps do two to three deals your first year and five to eight the second, but it’s common for those agents not to last a year in the industry. They may hand you leads, but with no support, you’re left hanging trying to figure it all out on your own.

You could also join another team, but they won’t focus so much on culture. I’ve managed other large teams, including one of the largest teams in the whole Southeast, which inspired me to start my own team. They had the same approach most teams do, which is, if you get your license and say yes, you’re on the team. However, you won't get much support or fairness; so many teams play quite a bit of favoritism and aren't very organized.

Here are two examples of our newer team members and how they’re doing:

One new team member has been with us for about 90 days. He’s a former professional baseball player, just moved here, knows no one, and has never been in sales. He’s already worked on five deals and has closed three of them. He’s following the program, making calls, showing houses, and is a complete Rockstar. He’s going to flourish.

Michael is another newer team member who joined us from doing part-time real estate in L.A. a year ago but didn’t have much business. He was brand-new to the area and didn't know much about the industry. He has 20 deals to date, made about $80,000 last year, and will far exceed that this year. The waves he was experiencing in L.A. have smoothed out, and he’s now living the life he wants to live.

So, here’s my offer to you: I want you to come be a part of our team. We’ll thoroughly and quickly get you trained and teach you the tools and processes you need to work with clients successfully. We’ll provide leads that are ready for an appointment and the coaching needed to get that lead to the closing table. Culture is at the top of our priority list for team members; I and seasoned members of the team are available around the clock to answer your questions to keep your deals on the right track.

When you join us, we start a very specific onboarding process which includes the tools we use, how to use them, best practices for talking to leads you don’t know, and we’ll get you signed up for everything you need. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your goals, what you want to accomplish for the year, then set you on a path to achieve that. Then we’ll check in with you once a week to see how that plan is going. You’ll have tons of daily interaction in the beginning either with me or other team members if you need to lean on someone for advice.

The plan is to get you running on your own within 60 to 90 days. You’ll still have questions after that, but our goal is to get you onboarded and taking calls right away. Unlike other teams who will force you to call everyone you know right away and enter them into our database, we’ll help with that to make it a more professional approach through our marketing process and training. We know there’s nothing scarier than having to call everyone you know to ask for their business.

I guarantee that if you follow my program, you’ll be writing offers in the first 60 days, and we’ll have you at the closing table at 90 days, max. It can be done sooner: A team member named Andre was at the closing table in 60 days. If you’re a licensed agent who already has some experience, the process can go much quicker. You won’t struggle to get going in the business; we’ll help with everything you need.

The market is extremely hot these days; there’s no better time than right now to be in real estate. Prices are soaring, and interest rates are especially low; this is not a normal market. So if you want to get into real estate, make money quickly, and learn how it all works so you can stay in the business for a long time, this is the time to do it.

I’m also picky about who I bring onto the team. We want to grow, but not by leaps and bounds overnight. If you’re interested, you should respond quickly so we can have a conversation about you joining us right away. We want to bring on the best people, and that could be you.

If you’re interested in joining our team or want to discuss any of this further, please reach out to us. We would love to consider you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jeff Taylor

P.S. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get about working here…

What are the splits? I like to focus on income, not splits. Saying something is 50/50 or 60/40 doesn’t really mean anything because you’re getting more than that; the CRM, the office, we’re basically covering all the significant expenses that you probably couldn’t cover if you were doing it alone. Not only would you not be making money, but you’d be spending a bundle to get going. If all you’re focused on is the split, then you’re probably not the right fit for us.

Can I work with sellers? Yes, at some point, but not right away. Due to what people hear, all agents come in and want to work with sellers, but we must train you up to get there. When you come in, you’re initially a buyer’s agent and need to understand the buying side of the transaction before you can represent a seller. If you don't know what you’re doing on the buyer’s side, you’ll make huge mistakes on the selling side.

What is my commitment to the team? We’re asking for accountability. We have minimal requirements about being in the office. We have a team meeting and one on ones once a week. Mostly you’ll be out showing homes, so your commitment is more about accountability and using the tools we provide and tracking what you’re doing so we know what you’re doing and can help if you need it.

Where do the leads come from? They come from a variety of sources. We have partnerships, we pay for them, we get them organically, they’re generated from my sphere or the listings we already have, etc. We don’t simply take a bunch of information about people from a neighborhood and have you cold call them.

Is there room for growth? Yes, there’s a path for growth for our team. My philosophy has always been that I want to help my agents grow a business inside my business. If you want to have your own business and showing assistant, I’m here to support that. I can help you be successful with whatever you want your business to be.

I would love to speak with you further about these questions and more. I hope to hear from you soon.