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Meet Terry Schroeder


Terry Schroeder's life journey has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences and passions. Born in Illinois and raised in Georgia, Terry's early years were marked by a deep connection to sports, music, and the outdoors.

Sports played a pivotal role in Terry's upbringing, with football, basketball, and baseball occupying much of his time. Beyond the athletic field, Terry was a versatile musician, proficient in playing the drums and occasionally strumming a guitar. However, his interests extended beyond sports and music, as he also developed a keen enthusiasm for golf and became an avid sports enthusiast.

The love for the outdoors has always been a cornerstone of Terry's life. Whether it's camping amidst nature's beauty, hiking along scenic trails, or enjoying the serenity of the beach, he relishes the moments spent in the great outdoors, particularly with his cherished family.

Professionally, Terry provides a multifaceted advantage to his clients. His real estate expertise in West Cobb and neighboring areas helps clients find ideal homes and secure favorable deals. Complementing this, Terry owns a landscaping company offering services ranging from design and installations to maintenance and outdoor lighting. This landscaping proficiency enhances property aesthetics, increases market appeal, and adds value to clients' investments, making him a valuable resource for all their real estate needs.

Terry Schroeder's personal life is equally fulfilling, as he is a devoted husband and proud father of three beautiful children, including twins, a boy and a girl. In their lively household, pets are an integral part, with dogs, a cat, and even a bearded dragon adding to the family's charm.

As a testament to his adventurous spirit, Terry also earned certification as a skydiver in his twenties, reflecting his zest for embracing life's exhilarating experiences. Through it all, Terry remains dedicated to helping others and cherishing moments with his family, making him a multifaceted and compassionate individual both within and beyond the real estate world.

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