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Meet Marianela Ortiz-Moskovitch

Director of Operations

Born and raised amidst the vibrant culture of Caracas, Venezuela, Marianela Ortiz-Moskovitch embodies the warmth and charm of Southern hospitality, thanks to her deep-rooted connection to Atlanta, Georgia. As a valued member of the Jeff Taylor Real Estate Group, she extends this graciousness to every client, effortlessly conversing in both English and Spanish to ensure that each interaction is a delightful experience.

Marianela's unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality service is the hallmark of her career. Her ability to provide an exceptional "product" stems from years of experience in the complex world of life- and health-insurance sales. This dedication has been further refined through her significant role as a national operations director in the field of workers' compensation, where her keen eye for detail and organizational skills have left an indelible mark.

Much like her colleagues on the team, Marianela possesses a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals. Providing unwavering support to her team, she consistently goes the extra mile. Her empathetic nature and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset.

But when Marianela's attention turns inward, she seizes the opportunity to focus on her own passions and interests. Traveling to new and exciting destinations, often in the company of her loving family, has become one of her favorite pastimes. Marianela also finds exhilaration in the freedom of the open road, indulging in the thrilling adventure of motorcycle rides with her husband. And when it's time to unwind and express her creativity, she turns to crafting, demonstrating her artistic flair and attention to detail in every project.

Marianela Ortiz-Moskovitch's journey from Caracas to Atlanta, her unwavering commitment to exceptional service, and her genuine dedication to helping others make her a true Southern gem. She is a force of warmth and professionalism, both in the workplace and in her personal pursuits, and a cherished member of the team.

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