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Meet Lolly Walker


Leigh Lain “Lolly” Nash Walker is a trusted guide who brings expertise, support, and service to every client interaction, as well as integrity, kindness, joy, and diligence. Originally from Louisiana, she comes from a military family, resulting in a well-traveled upbringing. She has a Bachelor of Science in health services administration and a Master of Applied Science in energy and sustainability. Lolly is a Georgia notary public, has NEEC Building Operator and Building Science Institute training, is Environmental Impact Assessment Certified, and is an ASHRAE III Energy Auditor. What’s more, she has served on several board of directors for non-profit organizations and owns the Georgia-based Nash Walker Services & Consulting, LLC. Lolly is passionate about people, conservation, teamwork, and service, and she enjoys time outdoors, hiking, philanthropy-related activities, and, especially, animals.

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